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How to Crack GD Round in Government Bank Job Interviews PO/ Officers/ Management Trainee-Sample Topics

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By: John

So here you landed to find some sample topic to prepare for Group Discussion round in Banking/IBPS/Management Trainee/Clerical/PO/Special officers and Financial Jobs interviews, before beginning the discussion I’d like to congratulate you for your success in written examination

Sample topics could help you to get content in your mind, kind of homework that we all want to do but before all here are some tips that you must know to crack a GD session.
The worst of Group Discussion rounds in an Interview is, they are made for elimination of crowd so you have to ready yourself in all manners to crack this eliminator round or they will crack your dreams :(

What is a Group Discussion?
The foremost thing about group discussion, this is not supposed to be debate session where you argue to a group to agree them on your point of view, instead it’s a discussion to come out with fruitful result in conclusion. This is one of the problems solving technique.
Most of the time it happens in Group discussion candidates only focus to make people agree on their own point of view without respecting the others thought.
So let me take you through the process of group discussion and what an interviewer expect from you-
1)      Your Cognitive Skills (Logical thinking, quality of content, Knowledge with the related area and way of presenting your views)
2)      Management Skills
3)      Delivery of solution by a proper analysis of the problem and topic, generally the crux of problem
4)      Reasoning skills with logical point of view and concrete information base
5)      Attitude, Personality and Behavior
6)      Your Speaking Skills
7)      Gesture and Posture
A GD Session contains-on a Scale of 20 Points
1-      The Beginner/Introducer- 5 points

A beginner is one who starts to speak first and introduce the topic and his point of view, always remember if you are introducing the topic first you have gained an extra advantage already by getting a big part of total score. An introducer gets 5/20 Points for beginning a session.
A professional speaker start his topic with a story, real world example or with famous quotes, this make sense for everyone shows your maturity and presents you as a good corporate material.
  • Doing this is not an easy job because an introducer supposed to be the first speaker who raise his point of view in front of all participants with an introduction of the topic if you are not clear about the topic don’t try to pick it first to speak cause your illiteracy about the topic will make you feel nervous as well as with your falling words your chances of elimination would increase.
  • To become the first speaker i always used a really successful strategy; if you believe you can introduce a topic just use your mind, everyone is ready to speak first obviously they will not let you speak first but you can make it easily. Whenever a GD round begins interviewers allot you 2 or 5 minutes to think about the topic, our task is to speak before anyone else so you just have to ready to speak just before 25 seconds of the given time this strategy will help you in doing 3 things- 
i)        You will become the first speaker among crowd.
ii)       You have eaten other's time as well.
iii)     Interviewers will notice you as a fist speaker who is energetic and  prepared
iv)     The second step of GD where we discuss with others do not let you speak everything you want to say because other competitors are ready to put their words in your mouth, each weapon of words is becoming waste the same moment you try to encounter others because of manipulated thoughts.

2-       Points for Contributors/Speakers- 10 Points

This section is rush of manipulated thoughts in GD, everyone have something to speak and you also don’t want to pushed by others to down you point, here your duty is to be consistent on your points with logical reasons and respect others points as well if they are logical, don’t lose your temper and don’t speak too loud it’s a symbol of fear and failure.

How to Win This Section- Strategies

This is the game of practice actually, the strategies i developed during my academics helped in winning this section most of the time- 
  •  Show logical point of views in this session by talk about the concrete information, happenings and previous research results.
  • The first thing that you have to remember, speak with real world examples and logical points, show your knowledge by talking about latest happenings related to the topic.When others respond to your views as a counter attack let them speak but first complete your words by asking let me complete politely. 
  • When others are speaking don’t interrupt them, to get opportunity of speaking instantly, let the speaker take pause or let him breath and catch the chance of speaking from him in your basket
  • If you believe someone else is much competent than you and he is in winning situation use my next strategy – Ask everyone to speak one by one and start in a circle that should starts from the neighbor of that speaker, as you have suggested to let everyone speck one by one so you can also manage where from the chain starts. This strategy would help you in many ways-
i)       You will be able to show interviewers your management skills and feeling of cooperation.
ii)       On the other hand by starting the circle from the neighbor of most competent candidate you have taken an opportunity of let him stop on his words as well he will be the last speaker in circle.
iii)     Keep a blank paper with you and write down important points the other wanted to speak but they refused because someone else interrupted him or he wasn’t enough clear but you are. This way you can score with new views that weren’t in your mind.

3-      Conclusion- 5 Points 
The conclusion part is an another opportunity of getting highest remark but always remember while concluding-
  • Don’t try to make everyone agree in conclusion otherwise participants will start interrupting you.
  • Start with the most agreed points, first talk about other point of views as a summery then yours, try to reach to an answer you the problem/topic.
These are some general tips for cracking Group discussion, you have to prepare for all these things in your homework because they seem very easy but become hard to handle.
Some Important Things to Remember-
1)      Be Genuine and Natural
2)      Be Polite
3)      Speak with a voice of confidence (A bit loud but clear)
4)      Must Speak
5)      Don’t overlap again and again with same points
6)      Think before speaking
7)      Don’t try to take monopoly of speaking
Some Sample Topics are as Follow-
Hot Topics-
i)        Banking and Financial Services Related topics like- Future of banking industry, economic condition of India, economical boom/recession, Fiscal policies in India, Industrial development, NREGA its advantage to economy, Role of banking sector, impacts of rising fiscal deficit of US, Company bill/Direct tax code, VAT, FDI in retail, Demand v/s Supply
ii)       Some common topics like- Technology creates income disparities, Indian Army, women’s related topics, Topics from current Happening, Privatization of public sector unites

Download a big collection of Topics – Click Here
Best of Luck  
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