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Are you ashamed of something you did or failed to do? Common Interview Question with Answer

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By: John

Sometimes interviewer starts judging you on those parameters that have no business asking, this question is also from that category, but it is obvious that you can’t deny answering by saying “None of your business

 What interviewer wants to see?
  • They ask this question when they are interested in knowing how you admit mistakes and fault of your life
  • And how you see on good and bad steps you have taken ever
How to answer- An unprepared candidate starts by confessing and regretting for bunch of wrong steps he took in his career and in personal life. Here you are in a disaster situation because you are showing your negativity and foolishness by regretting for bad phase of life instead of forgiving yourself

Best Strategy to answer this question- 

Never be negative and do not regret for anything when you are in interview room make your answer by adding some great quote on happy living and say it in a way like you are in habit of exercising for easy and happy life with few simple rules of living

Before answering take a pause (This way interviewer will feel you are new for this question) than say, 

“I am sorry sir but I am really unable to remember anything for that I am guilty or ashamed of (Again take a pause and say) I’ve been in a habit of preventing the causes of failures and feeling ashamed. I daily few simple steps that helps me in great deal in this regard

Before going to bed I regularly give few minutes to review everything I did and gone through in whole day, I consider events , Activities and people who were involved with me and if finds anything that can be annoying or anything thatneeds to follow up I give time for clear that thing next day”

“Instead, for better understanding I give importance to everyone in my team or in my circle by showing their importance as a team member and what I will lose if they are not with me, this is very common principle of motivating team to get the highest level of excellence they have”
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