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Best Strategies and Cracking Tips-How to Prepare for Government Jobs/ Entrance Written Exam Test

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By: John

Cracking a written exam is the most typical hurdle between the dream and reality of gaining life time success, we are trying to making all this journey with very impressive ideas of preparing for any exam, Most of the written exams specially in government jobs contains same pattern however few have different pattern but this not makes any difference on your exam cracking strategies.
Knowing how to crack any written exam becomes easy when you have ability to reflect the tips upon your habit specially in case of scheduling and the routine that you may or may not follow on daily basis. The foremost step is to understand the way you study and does it really works for you?

Once you know your scenario, the SCENARIO on that you want to prepare for exam you feel more comfortable than the following tips from others
Here are some really impressive ideas to make your exam preparation module easy, comfortable and useful-
The first thing as we above said is to know your own SCENARIO, where you feel good while preparing like some candidates love to study by reading (in mind or spoken) where as some of us gets things easy when we listen from others and some makes it clear by watching
  1. If you are the one who loves to learn by reading alone than find some peaceful space like garden, library or your room if you don’t have interrupting elements around you.  Gardens and Library are the best place where you can study without disruption 
  2. If your are from those who gets things by listening than find a group or join a coaching, when you are in coaching use your mobile to record important tips from your tutor and listen them at home instead of getting puzzled by staring on papers
  3. Some of us love to learn by watching for this use You Tube, Find a related group that is already preparing for same exam; with such groups also you would feel good while studying

Some important steps before starting- 
Most of us start to study without knowing some really important things and at the end their task they score just opposite of their own expectations-
-Have you update yourself about Selection process, latest syllabus and exam pattern that you have to cover in a little amount of time?
If not! Please remember to update yourself with these things and you would be able to create a strategy that can lead you to concrete success by avoiding the unimportant things in your study

How to cover the whole syllabus in a short time frame-
  • As we know the selection process and syllabus already so now our task is to define strong and weak portion of whole syllabus, to define where we need extra efforts and where the less and least
  • Time Distribution- It happens to everyone, we fails to cover the whole syllabus just because we have wasted lot of time to prepare for weak potion but we feel scared in the end of those things for them we were confident from the beginning but not anymore, so while making your time plan please carry some time for each section and topics to prepare for.
Make your time table using- TimeManagement Tool
  • As you have limited time to prepare for so don’t waste your money in buying many books, just find the best one and get some Sample/Previous year question papers, Practicing solved/unsolved papers helps you better than anything else
  • Join related communities, forums, video channels on you tube and follow blogs who helps you and updates you with related relevant stuff and news about the exam you are preparing for
  • Study with a group is the best choice
Special Readings for to Cover Examination Pattern-
  • For Current Affairs and General knowledge watch news channels (Prefer English News Channels), Newspapers and subscribe to magazines like Prtiyogita Darpan or Success Mirror get the digital version of these magazines free@ www.ezinemart.com 
  • For math, chemistry, bio, botany and physics and English- NCERT- 10+2 books are best
  • Avoid to get books from Book stores and shopkeepers they sells limited choices and recommends you only those books on them they have high margin
  • Search books on internet or sites like www.flipkart.com
  • Dont only buy books- Practice them as much as you can
  • Flipkart and Amazon are a best choice because you can read users review who have already purchased same book
To find these books and solved unsolved papers try the search engine given below-

Tips to follow when you are in examination hall-
  • Start answering from strongest and comfortable zone, the section that you are competent and feels confident than pick the less comfortable and in last the hardest one, This way you would feel motivated and able to save time as well  
  • Don’t forget to wear a wrist watch
  • Leave  the mathematical portion because they consumes a big amount of time specially when you get confused or puzzled
  • Don’t attempt doubtful and waste your precious time in keep on trying to same question again and again.
Try to learn some essential skills like-
  1. Quick calculation techniques
  2. Develop Logical and Creative Thinking
  3. Communication and Computer skills
  4. Decision Making Tools and Techniques
  5. Build your general knowledge and current affairs
This is all for today in future we will keep updating you with more related ideas and tips from experts in your job search......

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                                                                                                                                                                Best of Luck :)
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