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Best Tips to Answer Clerical Clerk/PO and Special Officers Bank jobs Interview Questions

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By: John

Congratulations! finally you have won the half of the War after cracking the common written exam of IBPS but the remain part going to be an impossible job if you are not well prepared, on the other hand being an HR i would say this part is much easier in comparison to earlier one.

If You want to learn secrets of cracking a banking job written exam than - read my post on IBPS Exam cracking tips-Click Here

You have to write your own success story by your hands, to get success in any kind of interview or exam always remember a few words mantra;

“You have to learn the rules of the game. And then you have to play better than anyone else.”

A personal interview weather its for a banking job or for other refers to a session where interviewee and interviewer interacts with each other but most of the time specially in public sector jobs and banking interviews i have experienced the PI round becomes one way communication panel instead of an interactive session. If you are thinking the same way about personal interviews than you are going to get defeated very soon.

A banking sector job interview weather its for Clerical, PO or for Officers level position always needs similar actions, method and preparation to win like others......

I am sharing some best strategies to win the war of cracking Banking sector job interviews with sample question and answers, these ideas are based on my own experience with interviewees and will help you to gain a special platform of your dreams.

Before knowing the common interview questions let me take you to some important things you should do as your homework instead of mugging up question and answers....

They are:-
  • Know the job description and job profile deeply before attending in an interview-
You must be aware of required Key skills, Company profile, Available Job locations and Industry profile. This is your homework and first strategy to answer some really important interview questions like; describe your self ?, why should i hire you?, about your strong points. how? will tell you later with the perfect answer of each question. This strategy actually helps in exploring the interviewer's needs and wants
  • Your second strategy to win the remain war during your home work is-
Collect more and more real time information about the work culture, opened position, bank profile and whole banking industry. to do this follow financial and economical news, try to contact someone who is already working on same profile, bank or in same industry this can be done by contacting employees from local branch.
  • Develop some really important skills in you-
Are you tech savvy? if not get ready to learn some basics of computers, You are going to be a part of financial body so you should have good knowledge of most of the applications these financial and banking sector, try to become an expert of advanced MS Excel, MIS, MS Office tools, Tally and if possible some oracle based financial data base management applications as well. "Its batter to be updated with latest version of each application you can work upon". Basically MS Excel related questions can be asked by interviewer.
  • Practice, Practice and Practice the more you practice with above given strategies the best of your excellence would come out during interviews.
  • Use tools like mirror practice and mock interviews
Finally with these strategies your weaponry is ready to win the war, you just need to give your final performance with best answers of questions that interviewers will ask-
During interview don't try to answer every question, if you don't know something use the polite words like sorry. Thank you, Sorry and Please these words makes you a polite person and a good corporate material as well.

Never lie to interviewers cause they will catch you very easily and here you can be in consequences so be genuine and real.

Your Interview Begins Here-

1- "Describe you self" or "Tell me something about your self"

95% of the interview sessions start with this really simple question but it could be a most difficult job to answer it if you don't know the proper mantra of answering this question, the moment you will open your mouth to answer this innocent question you will skewer yourself by rambling into the story of your life believe me no body is interested in that part.

This question is one of the most dangerous question too because this is the first moment where you have gets an opportunity to prove yourself as a best material but the starting 30 seconds of an interview performance allot you the chance of generates your interviewer interest in you so you have to give a healthy answer here.

To answer- Begin your words with the presentation of your self, you have to sell your self so our first strategy that we did in our homework session would help you here, you already know the needs and wants of your employer here the only thing that you need to do is decorate your introduction with the best matches of employer needs. Prove your candidature that can pay the bill of employer's need

This tip is a trump card in your weaponry to get the answer of any question.

2- "Question about banking industry or the banking institution, Products, Type of Account, Overdrafts etc."

Such questions asked by interviewers to know your interest in job and institution, they could ask question like, What is the logo of our bank?, When and who started this institutions?, total number ATMs we have?, Questions About some popular products?, Head office location?, Who is the brand ambassador of our bank? question about vision mission or the slogan, they could ask you the motive behind making a logo like this? Questions about economical conditions "Indian or global", about inflation, SLR rate and Bank rate.

On the other hand you can get queries related to job profile, like duties and responsibilities or roles of clerical staff, PO and Specialist Officers Profile.

How to Answer- We have win this question already during our homework, such questions are actually part of your homework and self preparation.

3- Questions about your ambition, dreams of where do you see yourself in next 5 or 10 years?

Interviewers ask this question to scale your dreams and level of ambitions as well as they want to see how you are planned for your life.If you have named your life's achievements already than you would look pragmatic and if not than you will look vogue so this is going to be another difficult job to answer such questions-

How to Answer- Deliver a long term commitment and dedication for your work, answer this question in a way like, You want stability in your career and believe your outstanding excellence and performance will help you to gain new platform and opportunities in coming nest year.

Example- "As i am starting my career instead of wishing for a rapid growth i want to stay for a long term on this position this will help me to be an expert and to learn essentials of such jobs, after examining the traits required for this job i am extremely excited to work on this position, in future once my foundation will become strong the organization will notice my performance and opportunities automatically open up inevitable for me."

4- Did you prepare before attending this interview? or did any homework? or the questions you have prepared?

Keeping this thing secret will show you are not interested in opened position or you are over confident,

How to Answer- This is the chance to show how desperate you are to work for such organization, answer them the best way that could show the interest of yours in opened position. don't tell the questions for you are prepared just give an layout of your strategies you have developed to crack this interview.

5- Why you want to work on this position?, or why you applied for this?

Answer of this question is an opportunity to show you are a best fit for the opened positions, this is a real chance to play a big strock, thanks to your first strategy and proper homework.

Talk about your skills "Actually the skills required for the position" and show them your abilities are the best match for the profile so you will be level to give your highest level of performance. also decorate your answer with growth, company profile and banking industry growth in India.

6- What are your Strengths and Weaknesses?

Your Strength- Your words for this question's answer should not show you egoistic or arrogant and should not show you humble as well.

Thanks to our first strategy again, as we already know the needs and want of interviewer, you must have a list of your strengths with some real world examples in your mind, to answer your strength you could talk about your recent achievement or life stories.

For Example-

If any of your achievement matches to employer's need and wants that share this or talk about some pervasive strengths that every employer want to see in their employees-

  • Management or Tech Savvy- Makes you a corporate material
  • Honesty and Integrity- Integrity really matters fro every employer, this also make you a nice human being.
  • Team Player- Makes you an organization culture suite
  • Sense of humor that gives you likability between colleagues and makes you optimist
  • Communication Skills
  • Dedication- Shows you have a will to achieve tasks on time and advancement
  • Definiteness to job
  • Enthusiasm- Makes you motivated and a person with high moral etc.
Your Weaknesses-

This is a eliminator question or a elimination technique to say get out, An honest answer for this question will help you to get A rating if you not in an Interview so here you don't need to be honest if you don't want to loose.

So your answer would be "I don't have any weakness" OMG! you are rated F and get eliminated finally.

How to answer - Try to show your strengths as your weaknesses but this is the most common strategy for this answer so their are chances of being caught easily

Learn some awesome ways to answer your weaknesses here- Click Here

Very soon i will try to come out with more interview questions answers in my next post. Thanks for reading... Subscribe to our email alerts to get updates

Best Books to Prepare for Banking Job Interviews -

If you have any query or you want to share your experience of banking job interview please share your thoughts and experience in comment box below.

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