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How to Crack IBPS Government Bank Clerk and PO Job Written Exam-Tips 2012-2013

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By: John

Cracking any exam is matter of self-confidence, focused vision, scheduled planning and a bit of luck; luck matters because we are Indians believe in luck more than anything so i would not refuse this point here too.

"Self confidence is the perception of yours towards you"

Most of us believes cracking such exams requires needs lot of preparation and hard work to crack IBPS or Any other Bank Job exam but believe me your hard work can become the waste of your precious short time that you have got to prepare for. These Bank job exams whether it's for Probationary Officer or Clerical Clerks can be set to crack in your first attempt you have proper plan, strategies. tips and trick and the power of positivity.

This article covers the best ways to crack IBPS and Government Bank Job Exams-

IBPS Exam Body is divided into 4 different sessions-
  1. Quantitative Aptitude Test (Requires Commend on Mathematics)
  2. Reasoning Session (Logical Question Solving Skills Required)
  3. English (Requires Knowledge of Grammar and Vocab)
  4. Computer Skills (Basic Computer Knowledge)
  5. General Knowledge (Needs Command on Current Affairs)
Tips to become geek of the Exam Pattern-
  • Understand The Exam Syllabus and pattern
  • I've seen most of you waste their 95% time to cover most difficult part like; If you are scared of mathematics, will focus on this part only. So don't be over-confident or under-confident on any part of exam syllabus, here your first and most important thing that you need- Distribute your time for each session you can make a proper schedule or use a Time Management Tool
  • Know your strength and weaknesses- This will help you in deciding your priorities to crack the exam.
  • Always start your exam with the strongest session on that you are confident than cover the less and then the least will help you to keep your confidence and energy up till the end. Try to cover the numerical session in last cause this consumes a big percentage of time.
  • Study alone really typical, hard and boring try to find a group that is already preparing for the same exam or Join a coaching this will help you n several ways like you would have the advantage of Community, Experts and Creative problem solving techniques
Try to develop some essential skills in you like-
  1. Short Cut and Quick Math calculation techniques
  2. Develop Logical and Creative Thinking
  3. Computer Skills - (MIS, MS Office, Knowledge of Various OS and Internet)
  4. Learn Decision Making Techniques
  5. Build Your Vocabulary and Communication Skills
  6. Build your general knowledge and current affairs knowledge (Focus on banking regulation and different bodies in your learning)
  • During examination don't attempt or waste your time on doubtful questions.
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Best of Luck
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