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How to Get Government Jobs in India-Preparation Tips to Crack Govt. Exams and Interview

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By: John

Getting a government job in India requires to go through various exams, interviews, merit and other bases depending upon the organization's recruitment process.

Before telling you the secrets of cracking such exams and getting your dream job in public sector units we should know why government jobs are in Hot Choice of today's job seekers, some myths and reality behind government jobs.

Yes! today public sector jobs are in first choice of job seekers whether they are professional students from creamy layer institutes or from a normal institute and university. According to a recent survey it is found that a large community of job seekers attracted to get a job in government sector organizations.

Recent study result says Indian students prefers public sector jobs and a major reason is job security, stability and pay scales.

Still here are so many myths existed in society about Government Sector Jobs-

1-On parameter of Ease, Comfort and Challenges

Myth- This is a myth in society about government jobs are easy, comfortable and less challenging. Some also believes working in a public sector units makes you lazy and eats your productivity because you almost have nothing to do except taking bribes for providing any service. 

Reality- The first step of getting a government job start with a challenge where you have to face a written exam and interview and this is more difficult job in comparison of cracking a private job interview because of a huge crowd competition for limited availability of jobs. After getting a job your working hours keeps you busy yes! you have the advantage of working for exact working hours each day.

Government jobs are much challenging in comparison of private sector jobs because you can not count the challenge on the bases of hectic schedule and heavy targets. Today government sector offers you to serve for your nation by joining defence, civil services, public service projects and enterprises where you are not managing a limited number of employees as your challenge whereas you have bigger responsibilities. Even you can see bank clerks or a bus conductors are more busy than a private sector employee sometimes. Taking bribe or not is a matter of your own integrity and fear of loosing your jobs and ruining your image in society those who understands the value of honesty perform their jobs fairly. 

2- Rapid growth with higher salary packages

Myth- One more myth that is existed in society about growth and salary matters about private jobs are, they offers you a rapid growth and higher salary packages, batter facility and fame in comparison of government jobs.

Reality- Somehow this is myth was a reality for creamy layer institutions passed out students but not any more, after the world's recession 2007-08 private sector realized, Indian workers can work on less salary packages and they started a big downfall in salary and perks. Because of a big unemployed educated community they are easily hiring fresh talent on least salary packages. This is a kind of undue advantage because the government of India is not bounding these companies to provide employment on fixed parameters.

Where as in Government sector salary packages and designations are matter of  fixed parameters on the bases of your education and experience. This is to make a batter India by providing the best value of yours.

Some other advantages-
  1. Stable and Secure career (If you have integrity and honesty for your job)
  2. Fixed Working Hours Each day
  3. Best salary Packages
  4. Another added advantage in government job is once you recruited after fighting exam your future is secure for life time. 
 How to Get a Government Job In India

If you are also planning to make your career in government sector than you have to prepare your mind. Prepare your mind for many things we are discussing as follow-

Most of the jobs in public sectors asks you to crack written examinations and interviews basically but cracking these exams is very easy when you are clear about your vision, have proper guidance and an eager of fighting for your dream job.

Some important tips you should follow in your job search preparation-
  • Find a good source of getting latest government job updates. This task is already done by landing on this Job- Our Blog is a Complete and Vital Source of Government Jobs Updates for Everyone "Subscribe to our Newsletter" This will help you in getting jobs on your email directly.
  • You must have proper knowledge of syllabus, exam pattern, selection procedure and scheme of exam whenever you apply for a job. Most of the written exams contains a proper pattern where objective and subjective question comes from the related subjects as well as Reasoning, English, GK and Quantitative Aptitude test is Mandatory, you should prepare for written exams on the bases of previous year question papers and books related to the syllabus only. Click Here to Learn Written Exam Tips
  •  Be in Touch with current affairs by reading news papers and following news channels or if you are tech savvy then subscribe to feed of News Sites.
  • Work on your communication skills "Written and Spoken Both"
  •  Learn Basics of Computers and if you are into engineering and IT related field than you must be a geek of your subjected area
These tips are easy and you an make them part of your daily schedule and this is our guarantee if you are dedicated and self confident then nothing is impossible for you. These tips will save tour time and efforts.

Best of Luck 
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