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Karnataka Bank- Clerical Cadre/Clerks- PI Round- Sample Interview Questions Tips and Answers

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By: John

I’d like to begin this article with the most common things that you must follow to face any interview either they are for Banking jobs or for others, please refer to our earlier article of Best tips to crack banking job interviews – Basic Strategies for Facing Interview

If you are experienced in giving interviews then you already know that most of the interviewer starts panel with general queries like introduce yourself, strength and weaknesses, why you want to join so you must be prepared to lead the interview in a perfect way... all these things have been discussed in the previous post given in above link so now here am sharing some really common interview questions who have been experienced by interviewees at Karnataka Bank previously, they are:-

  1. Do you know the address of head office?
  2. What is banking? Scope of banking industry in India?
  3. Total number of Karnataka bank’s branches in India?
  4. What is the difference between debit or credit card?
  5. Total number of ATM’s we have?
  6. What is the use of Computers in banking sector?
  7. Who is the CEO/Chair Person of Karnataka Bank?
  8. What do you know about Karnataka bank?
  9. What are the Type of banks?
  10. Roles of RBI/Central bank?
  11. Hierarchy of banking system in India?
  12. Why you want to join Karnataka bank?
Answers- To answer these questions you need to check out About us Page of Karnataka bank, Wikipedia of Karnataka bank as well as Google to get the answers 

Are you prepared for banking and Financial Terms related queries? 

 if not! Click here to find most common financial and banking terms can be asked by interviewers

Important: Interviewers are always interested to know best of your competencies that could help them, most of the candidate believes that if they are in a banking job interview then no body going to ask about subjective questions but they asks? Interviewer want to see how good you are in your subjected are like if you are a B.Tech graduate or MCA then your interviewer will raise some questions related to your subjects as well as definitely he will ask you why you want to join this job after a technical/medical or management level degree so be prepared

We are trying to come out with more and more sample queries every day to make your job preparation easy keep in touch by subscribing our news latter 

If you have your own experience please share with us, that will help our readers
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