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List of Financial Terms to Prepare for Bank- IBPS- CWE Clerical/PO Job Interviews

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By: John

First i thought of writing some sample common interview questions that most often interviewers uses in bank clerical and Probationary officers but before that this part needs you special practice because it’s just an impossible job to mug up thousand of financial terms but still it could become an easy job by delimiting the area on that you have to work-

Here are some tips for the financial terms related interview preparation –

The first and foremost thing is know the profile- You must have clear idea about the job description, profile and responsibilities of particular post, Like if you are appearing for Clerical cadre or for probationary officers your job profile would have some special traits, responsibilities and description on that you have to prepare
Some of the Most Common terms in a banking job interview of financial and banking industry are-

What why and how of:-
  1. Cash Reserve Ratio (CRR) ?
  2. Reserve Repo Rate ?
  3. Repo Rate?
  4. Statutory liquidity ratio (SLR)?
  5. ATM machine?
  6. Cheque and its type?
  7. Demand Draft and it’s Utility?
  8. Over Draft?
  9. Negotiable Instruments?
  10. Type of Accounts?
  11. National Electronic Funds Transfer -NEFT and RTGS?
  12. Working of NEFT?
  13. Indian Financial System Code -IFSC?
  14. Deferred Net Settlement (DNS)?
  15. Absolute Advantage, Accrued Interest ?
  16. Amalgamation?
  17. Authorised Signatory?
  18. Payment in Advance?
  19. Forfeited ?
  20. Bad Debt?
  21. Type of Loans?
  22. Mank and Mini Statement?
  23. Pass Book?
  24. Non-sufficient funds (NSF)
  25. Visa, Master card, Money Gram?
  26. Credit History, Credit Risk, Credit Appraisal?
  27. Bank Rate?
  28. Inflation and Deflation?
  29. Role of RBI?
  30. Role of Capital Market/Financial Institutions in India?
  31. Questions Related to the Bank Profile?
  32. Fiscal Deficit?
  33. GDP and GNP?
  34. National and Per Capita Income?
  35. Meaning of Economy?
  36. CPI and WPI?
  37. Banking ombudsman?
  38. Number of banks in India?
Download more questions with Answers- Click Here
These are some of the most common terms can be asked by interviewers so prepare for them-

Important- Exploring internet for current happenings of financial and banking sector is the best thing that you could do instead you should buy some books like banking law and management. They will help you out in dealing with such questions.
To help you in buying the best book i am providing the list of best and affordable book to prepare for such interviews-
  1. Buy Banking Law And Practice from Flipkart.com 
  2. Buy Advanced Bank Management from Flipkart.com 
  3. Buy How To Face Bank Interviews? from Flipkart.com  
  4. Buy Guide To Bank Interviews from Flipkart.com  
  5. Buy Bank Interview from Flipkart.com
Best of Luck :)

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