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Rate me on a Scale of 1 to 10 as an HR- Common Interview Question

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By: John

Trap- Simply most of the interviewee prefer to give perfect 10 and it seems too easy to please....

If you calculate him on a lower scale any figure least the perfect 10, you would be in trouble because now the interviewer would put you in another dangerous question.... that is Why you did't give the perfect 10 why you think am not a good HR etc..! an this road takes you to downhill only.

Best Answer-  So remember the rule "Be genuine and be positive in any situation"

All interviewers wants to judge you on all parameters to find the best candidates so here your task is to avoid criticism without giving the perfect 10. Because if you rate him less he will ask you the reason behind and you will start criticizing him this is the moment he would say GET LOST! "Criticism is a form of negativity " 

Your Answer......

Instead of giving a numeric figure, rate the interviewer by praising the way he have been in whole interview, praise his style of performing his job, his personality and unique traits that you experienced during the whole conversation

Have he been Strict or Tough ?
Answer "Compliment him the way  in that you can anchor the attitude and behave he have shown and you experienced with him this way he would believe on your compliments "

Have he been Analytical?
Answer "You are very analytical as well as you judge your candidates on the bases ethically and on professional HR methods" 
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