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Top 10 Best Tips for How to Answer Interview Questions?

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By: John

Are you feeling Nervous? 

Don't worry! it happens to everyone in most of the cases specially when the next interview belongs to a dream job opportunity. If this also happens to you too then don't fight with the nervousness you have because the more you try to hide it the higher it come out so be calm and behave normally just the way you are.

Remember the rule of success "Never be negative and upbeat any situation with the optimism you have"

Here are some general guidelines you should follow to perform on the best level of your excellence in any interview whether its for a public sector job or for the private or international platform opportunity- 
  1. Do rehearsal of common interview questions before joining the panel as your homework
  2. When you are facing the interviewer never talk consistently for more than 2 or 3 minutes, take pauses to articulate you answers    
  3. Never mug-up answers. we share interview questions to guide you  but putting your own thoughts and creativity in your answers increases the originality of your answers on the other hand you feel more comfortable, confident and relaxed
  4. The best strategy that a smart candidate follow to crack interview is-  Discover the greatest needs and wants of interviewer from the employee for the opened position. This way you can make your profile a best match for the interview by suiting your candidacy with the desired traits required for the position. Prepare your answer with the most desired traits required for the position and represent yourself as a best match. This is how you could become an ideal choice for the interviewer easily.
    • You have to become the key of your own success by unlocking the doors between the dream opportunity and you.
  5. Never lie... and be original. "However you could hide the truth because sometimes candidate don't want to share something but in that case do not lie to hide."
  6. Turn your weaknesses into strengths 
  7. Think twice before you open you mouth in front of interviewer because you have only one chance to answer best and each answer you give increases/decreases the chances of getting selected. thinking before speaking helps you in two ways-
    1. You look wise and genuine
    2. You gets the opportunity to decorate your answer in proper manner
  8.  Be in positive attitude in daily schedule by avoiding the negativity, finding the reasons behind and have a "Can do" attitude towards any problem and task
  9. After the interview daily make notes of your own remarks to judge your performance on your own because you know what you are and how you did...work on the reasons of rejections and prepare the best answers for question you failed to respond. 
  10. Keep in your mind. "You self-confidence depends upon how you feel about you this is the perception of yours towards you" do mirror practice, when you are alone make your own commercials of success and the next things you have to do in your life, dress sharp, walk fast, compliment others, be humble and become a contributor to get instant self confidence.
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