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What are the Parameters of Judging Candidates in SSB INTERVIEW?

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By: John

Most of the candidates get puzzled about the behavior, attitude and qualities that interviewers and assessors want  to see in a candidate, this leads to confusing behavior and low performance because you’re afraid of everything that comes to your way during SSB interview and failed to tackle with situations effectively ....

So here are some questions you must ask to yourself before going for interview if you don’t have these traits in your personality so give time to develop them by using best techniques and method building most demanding abilities for SSB. This session would become lengthy if I would right about instant ways of developing these abilities but in future I would cover the instant ways of building the required traits and qualities in your personality, 

So here are top questions about the qualities for them interviewers are very keen to see especially in SSB-

Do you have creative intelligence? 

Don’t think if you are a geek of your subjected area and have basic intelligence then you can goal this quality, creative intelligence is very different from your subjective knowledge, during SSB most of the problems ask you to deal with practical problems from day to day life, here your creative aspects of thinking helps in producing optimum results of situational problems.

Do you have reasoning abilities and logical thinking?

Are you good in solving logical problems? if Yes! Then here would get advantage easily, Assessors will judge you on inquiring skills, logical dealing with problems and creative method of solving questions.

Are you good in organizing things in effective manner?

Defence wants persons who are well managed and very keen in utilizing resources for this they judge you on the basis of your systematic approach of utilizing resources to come out with effective results.

Do you have an expressive personality?

Having good physic and geeky brain is not enough to crack SSB interviews, instead you must have power of expressions with that candidates must be able to express his ideas with clarity and positivity among crowd. This is also a type of leadership skills.

Are you good n adapting new groups and society?

Yes! Few tests are to be taken to judge how you behave in new group and team, how frequently you become part of it. The way of interacting and working together with the members of group where every single person is your competitor.

Are you cooperative?

When you are part of a team this is really important to be cooperative with everyone to produce effective results together, this is the most demanding personality trait that your assessors want to see especially in SSB. The aim and objective of your team should be your most important aim instead of selfish individual’s aim of becoming number one.

Do you take initiatives and have sense of responsibility? 

Everyone is ready to do their task for them they are assigned but a team player is the one who is ready to take initiative on his own and have sense of responsibility to fulfill the objectives with best effective way within exact time frame, interviewers are very keen to know the sense of responsibility and taking initiatives during various tasks. A person with sense of responsibility conscious about children/society/citizens and students

Are you confident enough? 

Yes! Self-confidence is one of the most important key that is required in these jobs because self-confidence tells how you feel about your own ability of solving problems and unfamiliar situations. 

Are you an instant decision maker?

Obviously in every test we have to make decisions to shorting out problems, during SSB your rapid analytical and decision making abilities also matters. A quick decision maker with appropriate solution always wins.

Are you good in influencing others?

Influencing others through your words and actions is the quality of leaders, gaining the confidence of other on you is the best quality that could help you in gaining the platform of your dreams

Do you cheers and enjoy in any situation?

Again it’s a matter of self-confidence, when you have positive attitude towards situations and keep faith on your own abilities. If you feel nervous and believes that you can’t do than you will be eliminated. People with high moral and optimistic personality win the race at all.

Are you a person with determination, courage and lot of stamina?

Determination for producing results from any situation, Attitude of conquer obstacles with keep on doing attitude, Courage of doing anything for to win without wasting a single minute for scary feeling and negative thinking and giving your 100% of mental and physical stamina to achieve your objective.

In next session we will come out with ways of developing these abilities instantly in you, Subscribe to our email alert to get regular updates 

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