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Examination Hall Tips and Tricks to Crack MCQ Based Competitive Exams – Success Tips Part III

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By: John

Previously in Part I and in Part II of MCQ Exam success tips we learned so many critical aspects and tips of cracking. This is the Part III of Success Tips series to crack government jobs and other written examination, this section will give you.

  1. You must give time to read the question paper to know the weight of questions in each section before start attempting them because sometimes exam paper carries questions with high, medium and low weighted value depending upon the paper type or difficulty of question. Ones you know the weight of each section consider attempting from the highest weighted question. This will help you to spend utilize time and score max in one shot. 
  2. One of the most important factors that help students to recognize the correct answer quickly is by getting the answer without viewing the choices specifically in Numerical Ability Tests. Ones you have the answer just consider checking it in the given choices whether it’s in them or not.
  3. Sometimes your logic can help you to get the answer of those doubted confusing question where you refuse to attempt them. I have a trick, have a look at the set of choices of doubtful questions and think logically which one can be a good choice to correct the statement
  4. This is recommended that you must read a question at-least 2 to 3 times to understand it clearly, Please find the techniques given in the end of this guide to know “How to Trick MCQ Exam”
  5. To answer Numerical Ability/Quantitative Aptitude Test in MCQ Examination simply solve them on rules of thumb using the appropriate method in case if you believe that the answer is tricky to recognize consider avoiding the most obvious wrong options from the choices and then play a 50/50 lucky guess or you might have the answer ready in your mind just because you eliminated the obviously wrong answers from the set of choices
  6. It happens most of the time when we go for lucky guess we choose answers on the bases of their technicality or typical spelling even if it have any business with the statement or not. Never do this.
  7. In any circumstances you find yourself confused or under confident, simply try to recognize answer on the bases of Related Keywords, Hedging and Passive Pitch in question
  8. Time management skills – This is where talent gets ruined, yes! This is the major problem that most of the candidates experience, It’s obvious too because the large number of questions and the barrier of limited time. 

(a)  A better way to keep the clock in your control is by avoiding skipping around, do not let the questions eat your time otherwise you’d find yourself anxious because you’ve lost more than enough time in a confusing question and lost the opportunity to solve other easy questions that were possible to cover in the same amount of time. 

(b)   Keep the flow on the right track, to do this simply go one by one instead of picking question from your area of comfortless either in the end you’d not be able to manage time just because it's getting consumed in finding those typical questions you left in the beginning

(c)    Do not get puzzled for more than enough time a question must eat especially when you’ve realized that it’s going to be very hard to get the answer now. Keep a significant amount of time for each question it may fluctuate but only when you’re confident enough to get the answers of those time consuming questions.  

Be positive till the end. Believe in your skills and competencies and leave a thank you note to that proper homework that you did to crack this exam. 

To keep your confidence up simply begin from your comfort zone but it does not mean to choose questions to skip around manner instead simply start from the category like some people love English, some Quantitative Ability Section, some Reasoning part and some like Current Affairs. I advise you not to begin with numerical section, you may love to solve quantitative ability questions even though consider solving this section at the end cause this is obvious that you’d lose your 60% to 70% cut of the total time on this part only and you should not allow this section to eat your precious time.

Click and Keep Reading the Part IV of MCQ Exam Success Guide or Go Back to the Part I, Part II 

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