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How to Answer Multiple Choice Questions to Crack Competitive Exams -Success Tips Part 1

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By: John

Did you know there are some specific methods and techniques to answer Objective Type Multiple Choice Questions? If you are studying them then you’d have realized this thing already but still the toppers secrets are hidden underneath. 

Simply the MCQ Paper contains close ended questions so the techniques of solving such questions are distinctly different from subjective type question papers because in an objective type question candidate find themselves looking for a correct answer among the set of choices that includes 3 to 4 distracters , rather than using his own creativity and logic to answer the question in descriptive writing.  

There are several reasons of judging candidates in a competitive exam on the bases of multiple choice questions. Perhaps the most obvious reasons are: 
  • An open ended answer does not give exact output of someone’s knowledge especially when the number of aspirants are in millions, whereas objective type exams carry an exact number of questions where the opportunity to earn marks depend upon finding the correct answer that is surely hidden in the given set of options of each question. So such exam leads a fair judgment. 
  • From the students' perspective specifically those candidates who believe in lucky guess thinks that it’s going to be an easy job 
  •  One of the best things that candidates love about MCQ exams is the number of questions than essay/subjective exams, each question allows you to earn a low score but minimizes the risk of losing a big score for attempting the wrong answer at the same time   

Despite the above listed reasons, however, a competitive exam test results as a difficult one in comparison of open ended descriptive type exams. Consider that:

  • The MCQ exam carries a large number of questions where candidates have to be very sure on detailed knowledge of the syllabus than essay exams. 
  • Today most of the competitive examination patterns include negative marking; at this point answering questions becomes a daunting task because the fear of attempting wrong answers might take your confidence away. 
  • Objective type questions also usually expect candidates to have explicit knowledge of details like Names, Specific Dates etc. So the candidates have to mug up instead of “bluff” that they usually do in subjective type exams   
  • As such exams contain numerous questions so that the chances of unintended ambiguity increase because the question paper is set by a human being 

So the above mentioned facts are enough to judge your own competencies whether you can crack such exams or not, there are some rules of thumb for aspirants to do their preparation but before that you need to know the different types of multiple choice questions.

You know that, multiple choice questions ask you to recognize and make the correct choice from the list of very possible answers (In layman’s language “Distracters”) but before you start your preparation lets know the type of MCQs:
The most known and common type states a question to choose the correct answer  

  • Sometimes, especially in English Comprehensive section you may have to answer from a set of options by finding the best match for a statement
  • And in the last you might have to answer a question asking you to complete a sentence by choosing the most appropriate word from the list of options  

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