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Prepration Tips to Crack Multiple Choice Questions based Competitive Exams -Success Tips Part II

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By: John

In the first part we learn what are MCQ Exams and their Types and now it's time to know how to prepare to crack any competitive exam even it is of government job or of any university entrance exam. Below given tips and part III of this series will help you to get success in very proven way: 

Early Bird Catches the Warm 

MCQ exams ask you to have greater familiarity with the details, obviously it’s not easy to learn and retain such material in mind, however if you’re ready to revise them for a long term in that case you can make it possible. Let’s prepare yourself to follow a scheduled living dedicated to your exam preparation so that the daily reviews of the syllabus will build long-term memory, “Remember! It’s easy to make a timetable, in most cases people spends their days in frenzy of activities but managed to gain a very little because their concentration were on the wrong things” be an early bird and follow the tips I shared on my blog “Best Strategies and Tips to crack written exams 
Concentration is a Fine Antidote to Anxiety 

You feel anxious everyday because your focus is on running timer; you’re trying to keep yourself busy in covering the syllabus instead of proper concentration. At this stage you must spend time to understand and solve tentative questions, work on the syllabus and give a cut of time to solve previous year question papers and take mock tests online. As said above you’d have to pay attention on concepts and fundamental terms that explains important events or features because such questions are very common to be asked in any MCQ exam.
  • Instead of memorizing the concepts, events and processes in book’s language consider rephrasing them in your own words. This way you would be able to clear yourself in a better way and this tip will also help you in memorizing the material you’re reading for a long-term
  • Do you have a group to study? If Yes! Then get them to brainstorm by exercising possible questions  
  • Practicing sample papers is the most important factor behind the topper’s success in competitive exams, so if you have access to previous year question papers or mock test consider practicing them

Click and Keep Reading the Part III of MCQ Exam Success Guide or Go Back to the Part I
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