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How to Prepare/Crack LIC AAO Written Exam 2013- Best Tips

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By: John

In the series of LIC AAO- Assistant Administrative Officer Posts Recruitment 2013 it’s time to discuss some best and surefire success  tips and trick to prepare written examination of LIC AAO 2013.

In my previous article i introduced you with the detailed job description/notification to apply LIC AAO 2013 vacancies and then I made this success series in that we started from the detailed syllabusand updated examination pattern. It’s an overwhelming moment for me because the below given tips will be not only help you to get success in LIC AAO 2013 examination instead it will complete the most asked queries of my readers. You guys encouraged me to write an article on “How to get success in LIC AAO Written Examination”

Every success in your life depends upon a very known and one of my favorite quotes, i.e. 

"if u want to shine like a sun first you have to burn like it"

Yes the above quote is not a set of inspiring words instead it’s the reality behind the success of toppers, yet the toppers of entrance examinations, competitive exams and businessmen or others. This is a fundamental rule of success that fits on everyone. As you are reading this article so I believe that you have the same guts dedication towards your goals. 

Before you get bored, let me introduce you with some very unique but surefire success tips techniques to crack LIC AAO Written examination:- 

  1. “Know” -Make sure that without dedicated preparation you can’t win this race but sometimes dedication in lack of proper preparation techniques and tools get wasted so it’s important to watch you feet’s on every step during preparation because it’s matter of your dream and aim of life. In simple words follow the ever told technique to begin the success hunt is “know”. Yes! You must know everything that the particular exam needs before starting your preparation, like you’d like to hunt LIC AAO Exam so you should be aware of the Latest examination pattern and its detailed syllabus first. Either you’d not be able to delimit your frame of studying subjects. So simply click here to find latestexamination pattern and syllabus.
  2. “Definite strategy and tools” – The second step that is really important and mandatory to take is the making a strategic plan and getting the right tools. I am not suggesting you to simply make a timetable instead you’ve to make a strategic plan that can cover your study needs within the time frame, in simple words simply make a strategy as per your abilities, analyze your skills and decide where you need special attention. Means in parts of syllabus of LIC AAO you’re confident and in some you negative so decide your priorities without getting over confident on anything. 
  3. As you’re ready with your strategic plan (Schedule of preparation) now it’s time to find the best tools, Tools? Here the word tool consists of study material available in hard and soft copy around you. In one of my previous article on LIC AAO Exam preparation I referred some best books and previous year samplepaper to cover the whole syllabus of LIC AAO written examination 2013- Clickhere to know more. 
  4. “The RR Rules”- The RR Rules is consist of Revise and Revise strategy, the consistent revision helps to boost your confidence by making you enough competent to crack the examination. The RR Rules may seem boring but if you have access to vivid tools available online then you’d not find this task monotonous. Today many job seekers are taking advantages of such tools and one of the most popular tools is ONLINE MOCK/Speed tests. You can take online speed tests at indiabix.com 
  5. How to Crack MCQ Based Exam Tests: As LIC AAO asks you to crack MCQ Based written examination so instead of knowing the rules of preparation you should be aware of MCQ Exam tips and tricks…. I don’t want to write about them again so to read the MCQ Tips click here- MCQ Success Kit- Part-1, Part-2, Part-3 and Part- 4

Some Important Rules to Follow During Preparation:

Don’t be afraid from level of competition simply practice on the fundamental rules of success told above.

Never rely upon bunch of ideas you get from others, simply follow the rules you feel comfortable with, ideas you feel confident upon and the success will come and knock your door. 

Never cheat with yourself especially in terms of preparation; never leave things to do later.

Keep the right mindset focused to single goal  

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