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How to Crack SBI PO Written Exam Preparation Tips 2013

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By: John

The State Bank of India will be conducting it's written examination for Probationary Officer (PO) recruitment on April 28th, 2013!  The utmost dedication and exceptional demonstrations of hard work are necessary to move forward on your path to becoming a PO.  
 However, in order to pass with flying colors and achieve qualifying selection, cracking the written exam is the first major hurdle on that path. Hopeful candidates will need to adopt the right strategies for their bodies as well as their minds to avoid last minute panic and allow themselves to be the very best that they can be.  The experts of Career-Leaps.com have provided some tips that will help students to be bright, alert, and focused so they can perform at the top of their game.

Time Management

A successful candidate will have a structured plan for all topics covered in the exam. Outline all major topics and include subheadings of brief, bullet-point main ideas taken directly from the reviewed sections.  Start by revising the most important topics first, followed by the less important ones.  Priority is key; if you can tackle the big questions, the smaller ones tend to follow naturally.  Try to keep a clear idea of the core concepts.  Prioritizing will help save you from information overload. 
Do not cram!!

Take Practice Exams

We have all heard it before, “Practice makes perfect!”  That's why practice exams exist!  Try to solve at least 5 question papers as it will help you find any difficult areas that you have covered but may still be struggling with or need to revise again.  As much as possible, always practice in a way that resembles the actual length and layout of the real exam, that way you will know what to expect and you can keep stress to a minimum.  Additionally, it is a good idea to try to simulate the actual test environment as much as possible.  Turn off electronics, find a quiet place, and time yourself.  Over time, this will help you to increase speed and gain more confidence in completing the paper.  It will also increase efficiency across the board as you progress to more smooth and easy movement across sections.  Gaining familiarity is the best way to prevent test anxiety.  Using these tips will allow you to be much more comfortable when taking the test, allowing you to take it one section at a time, skipping the more difficult sections as needed, and being able to calmly allow yourself to get all the hard work and effort you have put in, out of your head and onto the paper.

Take Care of Your Body

Healthy Diet plays an essential role in preparing for the examination.  What you put into your body is what you will get out of it, so fill up on the proper fuel and take care!  Breakfast is absolutely the most important meal of the day.  Never ignore breakfast!  Originally the term came from an idea of “breaking the fast” - ending the period of time between last day and the next when your body stopped taking in energy.  As students very well know, studying for the SBI-PO can be exhausting.  More than any other meal, breakfast wakes up your body and your mind, kick-starting your metabolism.  Although, what you eat is also as important as when so eat your fruits and vegetables.  Both are healthful, good sources of nutrition, and will not weigh you down.  Fruit is a good source of quick energy and vegetables are good for maintaining long-term well-being.  Avoid oily or greasy, fatty foods as they will make you feel sleepy throughout the day, preventing you from performing your best.  You will also want to avoid taking in food or liquids which contain caffeine, chocolate, or sugar three hours before bedtime as this can greatly disrupt your quality of sleep.  While we are on the topic of sleep, this may be the single greatest thing you can do for yourself to be prepared: get a great night of rest! Or better yet, several great nights of rest!  Your mind knows when your body is tired and tired is the exact opposite of the mental acuity that will make sure you rock the SBI-PO exam. 

The experts at Career-Leaps  wish you good luck!
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