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Preparation for IBPS CWE Clerk and PO Exam: Time Management Tips

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By: John

If you’re reading this article, you’re likely signed up to take the IBPS CWE Clerk or Probationary Officer (PO) Exam and need some working tips to help you in managing time

Let’s cut to the chase. You want to pass and there are numerous factors to take into account in making that happen. Studying is a large portion of preparation for any test but what about the other factors, at which are hidden behind the stress of studying?

We’ve all been there; devoting a large portion of our time to studying then getting let down when the results were revealed. Your then in a state of discouragement, lose all sense of motivation, and look back in regret at your time lost.

Why? One of the biggest factors contributing to anyone’s lack of success is time management. The important of time management is even stressed in the IBPS Clerk and PO Exams regulations; if you’re late to the exam you won’t be permitted into the hall.

We are habitual animals. If you’re in the habit of being late, to almost any event scheduled, it’s time to break that habit. By establishing a time managed daily schedule not only will your Clerk and PO Exam scores increase, but you’ll benefit from more studying, motivation, and even self-esteem.

We have all felt the constraints of time quotas. They cause stress, exhaustion and inhibit you from performing to your full potential. Here’s some tips you can adapt to your current preparation plan to avoid this.

Wake up at the same time every morning.
If the exam is scheduled in the morning, at a time when you’re normally asleep, calculating what time you’ll wake up, sticking to that time every morning, will best prepare you for the exam. You should arrive thirty minutes prior to your scheduled time. When traffic and other obstacles are taken into consideration, you could be waking up relatively earlier than what your use to. If you don’t prepare and get used to being up at this time, it could render your performance on the test due to fatigue.

You also need to get into the habit of going to sleep at the same time every night. Having a fixed bed and wake up time will help you benefit from regular sleep patterns, making you more alert on test day. You should make the travel to your exam destination at least once before your exam. This will familiarize you with the area along with any traffic that might make you late on exam day. Being familiar with the area and building, where the exam will be taking place, will also help stress levels. 

Earlier i shared ideas on managing time in examination hall- Please Consider Reading the Guide to Manage Time in Exam Hall 
Take time management seriously and you will not only reap the benefits provided for this test but also help you become a more successful person overall.
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