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UPSC: Civil Services (IAS) Prelim 2013: Important Tips for Exam Preparation

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By: John

Civil Services (IAS) Prelim exam 2013 will be conducted by UPSC (Union Public Service Commission) on 19 May 2013. Successful candidates in the IAS Preliminary examination will be eligible to sit for IAS Main examination 2013.

In order to pass the preliminary stage, you should begin exam preparation now. For initial candidates, the examination processes can seem prolonged and daunting. To prepare for and to crack the preliminary examination, one must take into consideration the entirety of the exam, from its structure as well as the candidate’s knowledge and understanding.

The examination is structured to screen for candidates who can apply their knowledge and understanding to form a solution to problems which India now faces. Candidates must have an understanding of the changing role of an IAS officer. Although the preliminary stage of IAS exam is objective, it examining factual knowledge of the candidate, it actually tests the candidate’s subject-related concepts and analysis based on facts and figures.

The candidate must have advanced knowledge as well as an ability to understand and retain the information presented.

The Preliminary examination consists of two papers of multiple choice questions. Each paper allows for two hour duration and is worth 200 marks. The first paper emphasizes national and international current events as well as the history of India, the Indian National Movement geography, government, economy, ecology and general science. The second paper concentrates on comprehension, interpersonal and communications skills, logical reasoning and analysis, data interpretation and English language comprehension.

CareerLeaps.com provides valuable tips and study materials which can assist candidates in preparation for the Civil Services Preliminary examination 2013.

Some tips are as follows:

• Study regularly

• Study according to the design of the examination

• Always communicate with other candidates

• Get the best study material instead of any tom dick and harry’s book- Click Here to Read My Earlier article on Study Material and Reference Books

• Always prepare personal notes

• Practice model/sample test papers

• Read current affairs regularly

• Attempt critical analysis while reading any topic

• Review the previous year question papers

• Review your performance periodically

• Assess your competitive level in comparison to other candidates

• Don’t think about success and failure at this stage
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